Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Last Good man by Kathleen Eagle

3 stars I did not like some of the language and losts of sex scenes. I liked the story line and the characters. Also enjoyed the horses and the message about breast cancer. Would read more from Kathleen Eagle especailly if its about Kole. Savannah Stephens came back to her home town. She was hiding upstairs of her Aunt's grocery store. Savannah was worn down and broke. She quit working as a model when she became a mom and before she went back she got breast cancer. Savannah has the cutest 6 year old named claudia who was worried about her mom how sick she got. She takes care of her the best she can. Everyone is surprised to see her daughter, even her Aunt did not know about her. Though one look at her face and lots of people guessed who the father was. Clay keogh owned a ranch with his mother. He brought a lot of horses that were on the way to be canned dog food. He works on the side shoeing horses and floating their teeth. He has an ex-wife who had 3 kids from different fathers. He misses the kids, he still sees them. Clay meets Claudia outside her Aunt's general store and watches Clay shoe a horse. He recongizes his brothers eyes on her face. She tells him her mother is the most beautiful mother in the world. He guess that must be Savannah. Clay and Savannah used to be good friends they would follow his half brother when ever they would let them Kole. Savannah had a crush on Kole. Clay had a crush on Savannah. Clay had not seen Kole for years. He escaped from Prison and still was wanted. At least now he knew he was alive at least a few years ago. Clay and Savannah meet up at thier secret cave late at night. Neither one new the other was going to be thier. They have sex but Savannah won't take off her shirt or let Clay tough her breasts. Savannah does not sleep during the night but sleeps a lot during the day. Claudia hears her Aunt and mom talk about going to the doctor that she was not going to let her die like her mom. Claudia cries and Clay is thier and promises her that he will make her mom go to the doctor. They came back from the doctors married and everyone is a little upset with them for eloping. Thier are a lot of issues with bodies and self worth from different women and a lot of good advice. Thier are tough times with low cattle prices with ranchers are all tighting their belts. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 05/01/2012 PUB Bell Bridge Books

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