Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: Oregon Outback by Elizabeth Goddard

Oregon Outback is 4 short stories about 4 brothers.  I wish they were a little longer but are very good and happy.  No sex scenes or vulgar langage.
The first story is about FBI agent Jonas Love after the death of his partner he is on leave till the investigation is over so he heads home. Jonas was a little wild in his youth and wanted to marry high school girl friend Darcy Nichols. Her father did not think he was worthy and helped him to be better.
Darcy knows that because of her father Jonas left without telling her goodby and has not heard from him since he left and now she sees him at her father's funeral.
Carver the eldest of the four brothers is running the ranch and has found 100 cows are gone.  He does not like Sheriff Sheridan Hall for Sheriff he does not think that is a job for a women. Finally he calls to let her know after 4 days that his cows were stolen.
Sheriff Sheridan Hall wants to earn the respect of rancher Carver Love so instead of sending a deputy goes instead to find out about the rustlers.
ATV store owner Lucas Love is into extreme sports. His friends are falling in love and not willing to be as daring anymore. He does not want to get married and tied down.
Sierra is hired to do the bookkeeping for ATV store when she moves into her grandmother's house she inheirted. She is warned that Lucas has broken a lot of hearts. Sierra agrees to be just friends with Lucas and let him show her some of the sporting world.
Justin Love has not been home for 3 years and now he is back in Oregon to find bail jumper who is on his way from Florida to Oregon to see his sister before hiding in Oregon back country.
Darrow Kincaid is owner, manager of hotel in the country where hunters, hikers and wilderness lovers.  She is hoping to marry her boyfriend of 8 months and thinks they will be good together till she meets Justin and feels something when she checks him into the hotel and questions her future plans.
All four stories talk a little about church,prayer or scriptures in thier lives that help them to make the choices they face.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
07/01/2012 PUB  Barbour Books 350 pages

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