Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review:Mariah's Quest by Dianna Crawford and Sally Laity

I was afraid that I wouldn't like Mariah but I do.  She grew up and I was impressed with her. Now
thier is Lily story to read hopefully soon.
Mariah was sold into bond to a handsome young man and taken to his family's plantation.  He did
promise her older sister that she would be safe.
Colin did not have good intention in mind first but he was taken with her beauty.  He told his mother
that he was thinking of his sister's and thier wish to be taught at home instead of away to school.
Mariah played music instruments,spoke French,had lovely handwriting, and good to sums. So Mariah was soon the teacher for 3 young ladies the youngest 8.
Mrs. Barclay did not like her and made sure that Colin did not spend much time at all alone with her.
Even sending her son on a long trip selling thier horses and going to England to buy more stock for
thier horses.
Colin while over in England looked up Mariah's father and let him know the girls made it safely to
America and bought an engagement ring for Mariah that her father even made.  He also went with her
father to hire a lawyer to handle his sueing the estate for payment of jewelry that he made for them.
Mariah was a vain and self centered at first with dreams of marrying rich but as she faced trials she
grew and turned more to prayer.
You do get to see and hear from Rose and her family a few times and finally hear a little about Lily.
I was fasinated from the glimse of George Washington when he was younger.  also learned a little more
what life was like at the times.
This was a good uplifting book to read this sunday afternoon.  Did not want to put the book down.
Now I really want to see what happens to Lily. Find out if thier father and brothers are doing okay and whats been going on with them next.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
07/01/2012 PUB  Barbour Publishing,  Inc.

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