Friday, June 29, 2012

Review:Black deeper than Death by M.E. Purfield

3 STARS I liked the story idea, the characters but hated all the profanity. So I would rate a lot higher except for that. Miki Radicci is a 16 year old living with her grandfather and friend. She is an artist makes a lot of money. She drinks way to much. She was made an adult from the state. She is psychic and feels the violence around her. She is on the street when she felt someone stabbed to death. The police questions her about the death. Miki wants to find and stop the man who killed Kathaleen and herself in that dark alley. The killer knows who she is and sends email to her. Miki meets a rich collage student after the funeral for Kathaleen. Christopher and the next day he shows up at her art showing. The story has a few surprises that I did not see. I like it that way. I was given this ebook by author in exchange for honest review.

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