Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review:Courageous by Diana Palmer

. 4 STARS Peg Larson is determined to catch her boss Grange. She is only 19 been kissed once but she knows what she wants. She tries flirting,suggestive talk,talking about collage. Peg is his cook and her father is his manager. Its a small ranch that Grange's boss gave him after he rescued his wife. Pegs talks all about her experience since she had sex at 14. Which got Grange kissing her hard and scared her. Grange realized that she had been lying to him. Grange asked her to the Cowboy ball dance. Peg felt like cinderella with all her borrowed clothes. Grange was leaving the country to lead a rebel army to put the displaced leader back on his Presidency. They only had a small army but they hoped they could use some of the people who were loyal to the President Emilio Machado. Arturo Sapara took over the goverment when the President Emilio Machado was out of the country making deals and trade agreements. Arturo prisoned and killed a lot of people who were protesting against him. Closed churchs, tv channels and all but a few newspepers with his people in charge. He is also addicted to drugs. Grange has had a rich journalist that has been chasing him for months she even followed him to South America to record the coupe. Grange shot her down really hard this time and told her that he had a innocent girl who works for him that he was going to marry when this was all over. Clarisse has been over taking her medicine and not thinking to clearly. She was angry that Grange had turned away from her. She was going to get Peg and leave her in the jungle here and than let Granger know but not where she was. Clarissa used the excused that Grange wanted to see her and she owed him a favor and Peg just left with her without telling her father where she was going and with whom she was with. Thier is a lot of drama, a lot of people coming together to deal with those who are taking advantage of others. I liked the story. Thier was a few love scenes at the end of the book. I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 06/19/2012 PUB Harlequin HarlequinHQN

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