Friday, June 15, 2012

Review: Haunted Waters Red Rock Mysteries

4 STARS This was a fun short adventure novel with a ending that makes you want to get the next book. I got this book from Amazon. Love the characters. Seem real to me and kept my attention. A mom and her three kids move to colorado. She is a writer and has a new husband. Her first husband was killed in a plane crash. She was pregnant with thier third child at the time. The oldest are twins.Ashley and Bryce Timberline they are 13. They now have a older step sister and a new stepfather. Thier is a bully at school that is threatening them. He wants to take their 4 wheelers that they ride to school each day. They go with thier stepdad for a weekend getaway to see some of Colorado history and to bond. When a musuem gets robbed the day they are thier. It gets dramatic but in a good way. I will read more books like this. Good and clean book can be read by anyone 2005 PUB Tyndale House Publisher

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