Monday, June 4, 2012

Review:The Harder They Fall by Trish Jensen

5 Stars If you need to laugh read The Harder They Fall. This is my second novel of Trish Jensen that I have read and they both make you smile. Thier are a few sex scenes. A lot of falls,breaking dishes and other slapstick comedy. Darcy Welham is working at a restraunt in Washington D.C. undercover. She stopped the sale of her father's restraunts to a big company because she wants to run them. The employees want the sale to go through. The main problem Darcy has is she a klutz. She breaks dishes by the hour. Darcy waiting on a customer and and part of his dinner lands she thinks in his lap. She reaches for it and grabs something else instead. Customer jumps up and she almost breaks his nose. Then spills hot coffee on him. Michael Davidson is wanting the sale of the restraunts to go through and if it does he will get a promotion and raise. He is looking over the Washington D.C. location for a few weeks with the owners okay. He can't see why the manager does not fire Darcy she is costing the business lots of money with all her mishaps. Darcy finds out why he is thier and hates him. Michael finds out why Darcy is not fired. He also finds out she is the one to create thier most profitable idems on the menu some of them when she was 10. Darcy's father comes to visit both of them and he tells Michael that he won't sale till Darcy agrees to it. He does not think running the business is really her dream. Michael make lists of his goals what works and what doesn't. He is determined to find out more about Darcy so he can make the sale. The more he is around her the more he wants her and when he diescovers that she has not been french kissed or other things it scares him but not for long. Darcy has low selfconfidence and thats why she is so accident prone. She is sweet and always sorry for the different accidents she causes. I really like Darcy character and I came to like Michael as well. I will read more books by Trish Jensen especially if I am in need of laughter. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 05/01/2012 PUB Bell Bridge Books

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