Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: Zero Visibility by Sharon Dunn

4 STARS I liked this fast paced book. I had many start and stop on this book because my town was evacuated for fire. I had to take my kindle. I liked the characters especially Nathan & Merci. Merci is putting herself through collage. She works for 1 year and than does a year of collage and than over again to work. Her parents are not going to be in the country for her break. She failed a class & her car broke down the week before school was out. She is looking for a ride to her Aunt's place and Lorelei offers her a ride to where she wants to go. Lorelei knows a shortcut through the backway but winter storm is here and she drives off the side of the road. When she goes to start the car it won't start. While they are seeing what they can do to get it unstuck a car with two guys come around. They put the girls in thier car which is on and heater is working. They open the car hood and trunk and Merci can't see what they are doing so she gets out. One of the guys is going through her bag. He sees her and pulls a gun on her. Then the other guy pulls a gun. Nathan was up to his family cabin saying goodby before he has to sell it and the ski resort and summer camp. Nathan is on snowmobile and sees the guys pull the gun on the girls. He races down and knocks one down and gets the girls to jump on behind them. He takes the girls to his cabin and calls to the sheriff that the girls were robbed by two gunman. After the girls are warm they try and make it down the mountain in his four wheeler and have to turn back. The phone does not work and roads are too snowy. Lorelei for some reason goes outside amd Nathan goes after her and gets knocked out. The gunman takes the snowmobile and Lorelei with him. Nathan and Merci try to find them and rescue Lorelei with his knowledge of the area. The adventure keeps going on the whole book. Lots of surprises in store for them during the spring blizzard. Lots of questions that finally get answered towards the end. I would love to see Nathan's twin get his own book. Thier is nothing in the book that needs a warning for. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 06/26/2012 PUB Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense

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