Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blood Trail by Sharon Sala

The Blood Trails kept me interested the whole way through. Now I wish I had read the first 2 books in Series. But the story stands fine on its own.
When Andrew Slade's reading of his will he is on video tape telling his daughters that he is not their father in fact all 3 girls are not even sisters. He tells them how they came each one at a time and their mothers gave the girls too him and he left a journal for each daughter with all the knowledge he had from thier mothers.
Holly is left at the ranch her two sisters already took off to find out about their pasts. Holly does not want to leave the ranch because 1. She is in love with Bud but doesnt let him know. 2. Her mother thought her husband was a serial killer and after she got through telling the police she was comming back for her. Holly never heard from her mother.
Holly goes to St. Lewis and finds where she used to live, go to school. where her mom worked even found out her father was in the same job.
She finally after seeing her father at a distant went to the police and told them what she thought her father was the hunter serial killer from 20 years ago.
After listening to her they set up a task force to look into her parents lives.  Told her not to have a thing to do with her father. But its too late she has drawn his attention.
Bud is back in Montana after her two sisters have close calls with their lives he tells Holly that he loves her and stay in hotel till he comes the next day.
Its looking back to where she came from and the police going through the steps to see if she is right.
I would definately read another book from sharon sala.
I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.
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