Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book III GAMADIN Distant Suns by Tom Kirkbride

Well now I have read the first 4 books in the series and not in order. Recommend reading them in order because have read 4 first I knew who was still alive and little hints in other books. I Really have enjoyed reading this series. They are long books but they have a lot in each book. They are set to go back to earth when they pick up emergency cry for help 8 light years away which is about half hour in thier ship.
They rescue Quay. destroy some ships as they wait for ship to be fixed by a ocean they surf and find dinosaures in ocean and T-Rex outside the ship shields. They rescue two little tigers who grow big and fast. They take Quay home and on the way run into more bad guys. Find out Quay dad is powerful and very rich.
Riverstone, Ian, Quay and her sister Sizzle get kidnapped. Tells what happens to them where they go and how they are split apart.
Tell what happen to Harlow and all the different places they go to search for their friends and end up helping a lot along the way.
Its nonstop action with romances, friendship and doing what feels right no matter you would rather go home. Lots of different worlds,different animals. different suns, different bad guys and one Gamadin Ship that everyone wants so they can controll everyone else. Harlow not giving into anyone demands.
Highly recommend the series and cant wait till next year when book 5 comes out.
702 pages 2011 published Wigton Publishing Company

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