Friday, July 29, 2011

The Heart of a Hero by barbara Wallace

Its a Reminder about all the hero's out thier who risk thier lives for are freedom and pay a high cost.Zoe buys a beach house from her mother who has let it go. Zoe moves to the island for the summer to help her get over her divorce. Zoe ex needed her money not her.
Next door neighbor wants to be left alone too. He has scars on his face and a limp. He is also the only handiman on the island.  She wants to get her chimney swept so she can have a fire to warm the nights.
Why Jake is fixing that he notices some tiles need to be replaced and bats are getting almost into her house.
Zoe can't help trying to help people, she is even a help advise in the papers. She can see that Jake has issues and she reaches out to him. Brings him a picnic on the roof, bottles of water,tries to get him to talk.
Jake has nightmares & flashbacks and feels he let his men down because he lived and they did not. He does not feel worthy to have anyone in his life, but Zoe worms her way in.
the story kept me going and not wanting to stop reading till it finshes. I liked it very much.
I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.
09/06/2011 pub Harlequin

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