Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review: The Trouble with Spells by Lacey Weatherford

4 stars
liked how fun and clean the book was to read. Vance Mangum has been running from his father for years. His father is evil and was turning vance too. Vance mom found out and she got Marsha to take care of Vance and protect and keep him safe.
Vance is a powerful warlock who's power started at 5years old. When he was 16 they moved again at the new school he instant he saw Portia Mullins he was tuned into her but found she was the one person that he promised to stay away from till she turned 16 and found out she was a witch too.
Two years later Portia world changed when she found out her dad, grandma and Vance were witches too in the same coven and if she joined they would be 13 members.
Portia also found out that Vance has watched over her for two years and he new she had a crush on him because he could hear her feelings and voice inside of him. Later Portia could hear and feel Vance's feelings inside her too.
But than someone tried to kill Portia and they got closer together and had a binding spell between them that was stronger than any heard of they had a hard time being apart.
It was a good story and look forward to reading more about them in the next book.
She was giving the ebook away and asked for reviews she won at least one new reader in me.

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Lacey Weatherford said...

Thank you so much for the review Rhonda! I appreciate you doing that! I'm glad you enjoyed the story too! :D Hope you have a fabulous day!!