Monday, July 11, 2011

review: Shimmerspell: a faerie tale girl by Kimberly Spencer

4 stars
I enjoyed this story and tomorrow I will read the next book in the series. Jensen is in a new school in high school living with her sister Lauren. Jensen in math class with mr. Tanner and he can always tell when she lies and picks on her. Her friend Zoe's twin sister hates her and Jensen has no idea why. To get even with her Jensen plans to break into her locker and take somthing and gets caught by Liam. All of a sudden she see Liam is wearing wings. Then she see's two more kids with wings and thinks they killed the princaple. Calls her sister on the phone for help and her sister says that she cant come home she is leaving her. Jensen has no idea whats happening all of a sudden. Liam saves her and trys to help her figure out why she can see through glamours all of a sudden. Learns about a fairy war she is in the middle of. No one trusts her and she finds it all hard to trust them.
It is a story that makes sense and I want to know more about thier world.

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