Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Perfect Shot by Steven F Havil

One perfect shot was a good book, but had trouble to get into at first. The last few books I have read have been great so that did effect how I judged this book. It was one where I could read some and then go to something else and come back to it.
Larry was shot in his grader a hard shot that instantly killed him. Bill the under sheriff is the main cop who works the case. Bill is also training a new cop Estelle Reyes, she will be their first female cop on patrol.
Thier was a lot of talk about riffles,bullets that was necessary to story but I could not keep that straight in my mind.
It shows how piece by piece they try to put the pieces together to figure what happen, how it happened, why someone shot Larry. It was good to see so much of that in the book.
Their was a lot of facts but not much to Estelle interaction that I wanted to know more about and from her. Also wanted to know about the art she thought was stolen, maybe thats for another book.
I just found out this was book 9 in a series I would like to read the other 8 books that follow in timeline book 9.
I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.
pub.01/11/2012 by Poison Press

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