Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review: Concerto by Sandra Miller

4 stars
I liked it and did not want to stop still I finshed it. I was involved in the story so much that I was crying in part of it.
Chris is a violinist in the Newton Philharmonic Symphony. She joined 6 months ago to work with Alexis Brooks who was the best in world right now.  five years ago he was tried for killing his wife and got off on a tech. Most people think he got away with murder including his own father.
Chris does not believe he did it. Even with police,dr.. everyone trying to warn her.
Dwight is very jealous of Alexis scince high school. He keeps asking Chris out but she keeps saying no. He is second chair and was more involved while Alexis was not around.
Someone is terroring Chris. first with wierd phone calls than lots of faxes than paper all over front yard. drugged her tea which if she was not on phone at time she passed out would of died by allergic reaction. Takes pictures of her everywhere, emails,damaging house. Police belive its Alexis.
So Chris believes she needs to solve Alexis wife murder to stop her attacker.
Chris makes some stupid mistakes, but keeps trying to fight back. It shows a lot of how symphony works.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review

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