Friday, July 29, 2011

Escape from Riddler's Pass by Amy Green

Escpe from Riddler's Pass starts right after Quest for Scorpion Jewel ends.
Jesse found out why the captain Demetri has been trying to kill the King's youth guard. It is on order of the King himself. The King gathers the brightest and smartest every 5 years trains them and sends them on dangerous missions and most do not survive. King has planned this because they are the ones who might join the rebels and dispose him.
Captain Demetri is hurring to jesse home town where they had to leave Parvel. Parvel was injurred from poison arrow and Kanye was taking care of him. He had no idea that he was in danger from the patrols. Demetri feels that he can beat Jesse, Rae & Silas kill Parvel and lay a trap for them.
But the 3 of them beat him to Kanye and find out that Parvel was kidnapped by the rebels of distric 2 and taken to the deep mines.
They go after Parvel with Demetri chasing them all the way. He even knows about the cave and tunnels where the drawfs used to live in there underground city. It was destroyed 30 years ago and all the drawfs were killed. Or so they thought. Till a drawf caught them and was taking them to his new city but Jesse convinced him that a patrol was in the tunnels and would find them. So they caused a cave inn behind them.
After they escape from being kept by the drawfs they find the mines that the rebels are using and they figure out the riddles to bypass the traps.
The whole book goes from one action to another action and drama. Keeps your attention the whole way.
They learn about themselves and about their friends. risking to save each other lives. Trying to figure what the right way is. Make better choices and think of each other first.
I will read more from Amy Green in the future. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
07/01/2011 PUB Warner Press

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