Friday, July 22, 2011

Review:The Husband She Couldn't Remember by Maggie Shayne

Its nice to visit with the Brands from Texas again. This is Ben's story. Ben kept thinking he saw his wife's ghost but everytime he went rushing where he saw her she was not thier.
The lady that was spying on Ben had no memory of who she was and why she was kept in the clinic in a coma for so long. She took the nurse's purse,credit card and flew to texas to the address she found in lining of her coat. She also stole a used car to get their. She made friends with a homeless dog oliver. When she was running away from diner she ran into Ben.  This time he knew she was real.
She now new she was Penny Brand and where she was buried. Penny did not know who kept lying to her in clinic if somone from her past wanted her gone.
Ben was glad she was alive but afraid he would loose her again from the illness she was dying from 2 years ago. Ben also knew he couldn't rush Penny's memories of him and who did he bury?
Its a charming book. I found myself getting teary in a few places, laughing in others.
I was given the ebook in exchange for honest review. Ebook 7/26/2011 Harlequin Treasury

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