Monday, December 8, 2014

Blog tour: ‘Paleo Meal Planning on a Budget’ by Elizabeth McGaw


About the book:
Take your Paleo diet to the next level with Paleo Meal Planning on a Budget. Elizabeth McGraw’s follow-up book to bestselling Paleo on a Budget features simple, budget-friendly meal prep strategies to accommodate any lifestyle. With over 30 delicious new bonus recipes, including Roasted Garlic Shrimp, Inside Out Burgers, Faux Deviled Eggs, you’ll always be ready for healthy eating.

Paperback, 200 pages
Expected publication: December 9th 2014 by Cedar Fort
About the author:
Elizabeth McGaw is the blogger for Paleo On A Budget, a website dedicated to those that are following the Paleo lifestyle on a tight budget. She currently resides in Concord, NH and works alongside her husband, as both a Wedding Photographer & Web Designer. 
My review: Paleo Meal Planning on a Budget by Elizabeth McGraw
I had no idea what a Paleo diet was.  I have heard of stone age diet before. A way are ancestors ate. The original Hunter- gatherers.  Lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and assorted nuts and seeds diet.
Elizabeth wrote a book that can be for anyone, a personalized plan for you. She tells ways to save money with planning meals, suggest substitutions if you don't like something or have other things on hand.
If you want to follow her plan all the way through she has lists of how to shop, plan , prepare your meals with a lot details.  If I was going to try and eat Paleo all the time and I could physically cook, and had a family to prepare I would like to try her plan for a couple of weeks all the way through.
I do want to start eating healthier, so I want to take some of her ideas, recipes and start cooking more. I had no idea you could make scrambled eggs ahead. 
I like the idea of planning ahead, and making some things ahead of time, planned left overs.
Her tips are good to know.
I think her cookbook would be good for young couples, families and college students who are just starting out. They can learn how to shop, save time, money and learn good eating habits and skills.
I also like how she admits to trying foods again that she did not like and has not tried again for years. I need to do that too.
I was given Paleo Meal Planning on a Budget to read so I could review it honestly and be part of it's blog tour.

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