Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Fourth Secret by Andrea Camilleri


In the latest mystery featuring Inspector Montalbano, a deadly accident at a building site prompts a search with shocking revelations 

Yesterday morning around seven thirty, an Albanian construction worker, age thirty-eight, Pashko Puka, a legal resident with a work permit, hired by the Santa Maria construction company owned by Alfredo Corso, fell from a scaffold that had been erected during the construction of an apartment building in Tonnarello, between Vigata and Montelusa. His coworkers, who immediately rushed to his aid, unfortunately discovered he had died.

There have been six events euphemistically called “tragedies in the workplace” in the past month. Six deaths caused by an inexplicable disregard for safety regulations. When the local magistrate opens an investigation, Inspector Montalbano is on the case. But Montalbano soon discovers that these seemingly unrelated incidents are only part of a larger network of crimes.

This intricate novella is a testament to Andrea Camilleri’s talent for building engaging plots that continue to charm readers by the thousands.
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  • Publisher: Mondadori (November 4, 2014)
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    Andrea Camilleri is an Italian author and master of the suspense genre. In 1998, Camilleri won the Nino Martoglio International Book Award, and even more recently, the 2008 RBA International Prize for Crime Writing for his work, La muerte de Amalia Sacerdote. His “Inspector Montalbano” series has inspired a successful Italian television show featuring the aforementioned detective.

    My review:  The Fourth Secret by Andrea Camilleri

    3 1/2 STARS

    This is a short novella about a Inspector Montalbano only 77 pages.  This is the first time I have read any of  Andrea' book.  I am not familiar about different police departments in so I was a little lost on that facts.

    Inspector Montalbano has dreams that helped him. He is interesting, swears a lot. He is a older policeman. I found it interesting he does not always wears a gun.

    The setting is in Sicilian state of the Italy. It is translated into English from Italian.

    I liked Inspector Montalbano and would be interested to read more about him and his cases.

    Inspector Montalbano gets a letter telling him that someone is going to die and made to look like a accident. The letter took 3 days to get there and the murder already happened. The case is not in his area, but that does not stop him.

    I was given this ebook to read so I can give  a honest review of it.

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    Traci Andrighetti said...

    I love Andrea Camilleri! I've read all of his Inspector Montalbano mysteries, but I read them in Italian. Someday I need to read the English versions to compare.