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PAWtners in Crime by Patricia Fry( 10th Klepto Cat Mystery)

When Michael and Savannah invite young burn victim and heir Arthur Spence into their home, they don’t expect danger to follow. The sensationalism around his family’s dark secrets have the paparazzi in a photo-snapping frenzy and the young man isn’t yet equipped to deal with their shenanigans. Are they the ones issuing the unnerving threats to Arthur’s life, or is it a beloved family member? Rags, the kleptomaniac cat, has a new PAWtner in fighting crime and what a team they make. They delight in sticking their whiskers and digging their claws into the facts of the frightening matter. Hold onto your seats—there are some harrowing moments in this story, and some startling surprises.

Patricia Fry has been writing for publication for over 40 years, and she’s the author of 49 books. This is the sixth in the Klepto Cat Mystery series.
Also read Catnapped, Cat-Eye Witness, Sleight of Paw, Undercover Cat, and The Colony Cat Caper in print and Kindle. The Corral Cat Caper,
The Gallery Cat Caper, and Mansion of Meows are formatted for Kindle only.
Book 10, Pawtners in Crime coming this month.
 Patricia lives in California with three cats, Max, Sophie, and Lily. Follow her blog
 Patricia Fry, author, book editor, consultant:
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Author of the Klepto Cat Mysteries
Available now: "Catnapped," "Cat-Eye Witness,"
"Sleight of Paw," "Undercover Cat" "The Colony Cat Caper"
"Celebrity Cat Caper"  "The Corral Cat Caper" "The Gallery Cat Caper," "Mansion of Meows,"
and NEW "PAWtners in Crime" at

My review:  PAWtners in Crime (10th Klepto Cat Mystery)


 PAWtners in Crime is a sequel to book 9, Mansion of Meows.  You could read alone but I would suggest reading book 9 first. Because book 10 follows right after book 9 and will ruin the suspense too.

 I have fun reading this series. Savannah is a Veterinary with a cat named Rags who is a Klepto.  He is a smart cat and solves mysteries. Usually with the things he steals.  The local police believe in him too.

Arthur Spence comes to stay with Savannah & Michael.  He is not used to his freedom.  He is being harassed by reporters following him and taking his pictures.  He is going to get his burns scars fixed.
Someone is trying to kill him again.

He starts to remember some about the death of his sister Karen.

I like the characters.  The animals have such a big roll in the books.  Most of the characters are old familiar ones from past books.

You want Arthur to be safe and his memory come back.  He is a smart 18 year old.  He is definitely a poor rich kid.  He has had a hard life.

The suspense is good but very narrow suspect lists.  

This is a fun mystery series with all the chasing of animal characters on one hand and a sad mystery and child abuse and murder on the other side. It is a clean read too.

The setting is California.  

I was given this ebook to read by the author and in return I agreed to give a honest review of PAWtners in Crime.

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