Thursday, June 18, 2015

California Dreamin’ Collection – A Timeless Romance Anthology Book

California DreaminCalifornia Dreamin’ Collection -A Timeless Romance Anthology Book
Amazon #1 Bestselling series in *New Release* for Clean Romance
Six brand new contemporary romance novellas with bestselling and award winning authors.
TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE by Heather B. Moore
GONE FISHING by Kaylee Baldwin
A HERO’S SONG by Jennifer Moore
STAY WITH ME by Shannon Guymon

My review:  California Dreamin’ Collection – A Timeless Romance Anthology Book
4 stars
I enjoyed reading this Collection of good clean stories.  I like that you can read each story if rushed for time.  They make you care about the characters and want to see what happens next to them.
I would read any of these authors  works again .

I was given this ebook to read and in return agreed to give a honest review of California Dreamin Collection.

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE by Heather B. Moore
I liked the plot, the characters and wanted more of them.

Gwen is a wedding photographer who has moved with her sister to work weddings. Gwen had a short marriage herself and is not bitter.

Jack works a lot and has money but no personal life.  He does not like it when women know how much he is worth and change around him.  He lives on a beach.  He jogs in the afternoon.

Gwen does not believe Jack lives in one of the mansions above the beach. When she does believe him she is not worried about how much he makes.  She thinks that they are from such a different background to work.

It is a good clean romance.

Gone Fishing by Kaylee Baldwin

In Gone Fishing we meet Claire a businesswoman who has come to see her father Brig Bryson and talk him out of his dream of owning a fishing boat.  He has been gone 4 years and it is time he came back home.  She needs him.

Miguel is working with Claire's father on Double B's Deep Sea boat.  He is full of tattoos and long hair & beard.  He looks scary.  He is devoted to Brig.  He knows a lot about Claire.

It makes me want to go out deep sea fishing for the boat ride alone.  I liked it. Lots of drama, romance and left me smiling.


This story is more emotional to me.  I liked Alex and Michael.  I could tell where the story had to be going early and that was okay to me.  It touched on some heavy topics lightly in a good way.

Alexandria flew from  Arizona to California on her 5th wedding anniversary to put her husbands ashes in the ocean.

Michael was at the beach in a suit saying good bye to former girlfriend.

 A HERO’S SONG by Jennifer Moore

This is a second chance at love story.  Some drama, romance and sweet.

AnneMarie is a writer.  Her fourth book is out and she flew to LA for a Late night  talk show and book signing.  She writes romance novels.

Lance is a rock star who got caught up in the drugs and drinking.  He went to rehab and now wants a second chance with AnneMarie.  Can he convince her to try again.

STAY WITH ME by Shannon Guymon

In Stay With Me  Jolie flies to California to take over as a nanny from her cousin after she can't find a job after college.  Jolie comes to realize how much the kids need love and hugs.  She also has someone who wants to cause her trouble.

Fitzgerald is the family driver.  He hangs out with Jolie and the kids at the beach and other field trips.  He is also going to school.

Truman and Nellie have everything the kids want but attention from their parents.  They miss their old Nanny but do give Jolie a chance to fit in.  I really wanted to hug them.


Ada Canton is a realtor.  She wants to find people the home they will love.  She is not looking for love.
Craig is a divorced father looking for a new place for him and his nine year old son.  He does not want to date.  His sister-in-law keeps pushing him too.  He likes Ada and asks her out.

This was a slower romance. Makes me want to go look for a new home too.

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