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Colton Cowboy Protector by Beth Cornelison (The Coltons of Oklahoma #1)


Rancher and single dad Jack Colton must face an assassin in the thrilling first book of The Coltons of Oklahoma…

A beautiful stranger appears at the Colton ranch during a party, and Jack is none too pleased. With ties to his ex-wife, Tracy McCain claims to be on a mission to bond with his son. But this intriguing widow also has a target on her back. As the Colton family brings Tracy under its broad wing, a relentless assassin puts everyone in jeopardy. Jack's protective instincts go into overdrive…and only fuel his secret attraction to Tracy. Living closely together under Jack's roof, the heat between them starts to sizzle. In fact, the only thing stronger than Jack's heady desire for Tracy is his will to keep her safe…so that one day they can become a family.
  • ISBN9780373279210
  • Price5.50
  • CurrencyUSD
  • EditionMass Market Paperback

  • My Review: Colton Cowboy Protector by Beth Cornelison (The Coltons of Oklahoma #1)

    4 STARS

    This is the first book in the Colton's of Oklahoma a continuities. It introduced us to the Colton family.
    It set up a few mysteries.  So that I want to read more and find out what is going next.

    John Big J Colton is the patriarch of a large successful ranch.

    Abra Colton is the matriarch  she left most of the raising of her kids to nannies and housekeeper
    Jack Colton is ranch manager divorced father too Seth

    Greta Colton is planning her wedding. She is only girl and the youngest.  She is a horse whisper.

    Brett Colton works on the ranch. He wants to expand into horses.

    Daniel Colton half brother horse trainer.  Abra still does not accept him as part of the family.

    Ryan  Colton is a policeman.

    Eric Colton is a trauma surgeon

    Tracy McCain has come to the ranch she wants to meet Seth her only relative.  She is a widow. She has someone after her.

    Jack does not want Tracy on the ranch at all but Greta invited her to stay at big house.  The rest of family is accepting of Tracy as Seth's family. 

    I love how everyone cares about Seth and steps up and shows there love for him, teaching him, playing with him.

    There is two love scenes in the book easy to skip over them if you don't want to read. There is violence in the book.
    I like Beth writing style.  She keeps the readers wanting to keep reading.   I will read more of Beth's books in the future.

    I was given this ebook to read by Netgalley and Harlequin.  In return I agreed to give a honest review of Colton Cowboy Protector.

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