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The Texan's Twin Blessings by Rhonda Gibson


Stand-In Father

As temporary guardian to his twin baby nieces, William Barns barely knows a diaper from a burp cloth. The well-meaning but meddling neighbor ladies suggest a wife—namely Emily Jane Rodgers. Although William isn't in the market for a bride, he needs a loving woman to watch over the children, and Emily Jane fits the bill nicely.

Emily Jane agrees to care for William's nieces—not become his betrothed. Fully determined to find her own way in life and to open her own bakery, Emily Jane isn't looking for a husband. But no matter how hard she resists, Emily Jane is roped in by the twins' little hugs and William's tender regard. And soon she longs to be a permanent part of this ready-made family…

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  • My review: The Texan's Twin Blessings by Rhonda Gibson

    4 STARS

    This is a charming story.  I had to smile a lot while reading The Texan's Twin Blessings.  The characters are cute especially the twins.  There was plenty of drama, community that pulls you into wanting to see more. It does mention God, prayer and church but in a total part of the story, not preaching.  It is a clean read too.

    William Barns has his hands full with crying babies when he gets to his Grandmothers home.  The twins are hungry, wet and tired.  They have come from Denver, CO to Granite, TX.

    Emily Jane single and works at the bakery. She and a friend Anna Mae live across the street from Williams late grandmother.  She opens the house for him and tells him that she died a month ago.

    Emily and Anna Mae help clean the house so he and the twins can stay there.  Emily also agrees to watch the girls while he works till he can find someone else.

    Rose and Ruby are one year old twin girls.  There mother was killed in a bank robbery.  There father the sheriff took off after the crooks.  There Uncle William has been trying to take care of them but needed more help.

    I really liked this story and would like to read the next book which tells Anna Mae's story next. See all the changes that have taken place in Granite.

    The setting is Granite, TX  Late Spring 1887

    I was given this ebook to read by Net Galley and Harlequin.  In return I agreed to give a honest review of The Texan's Twin Blessings.

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