Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review: Beyond Bullets by Rafal Gerszak with Dawn Hunter

This is not my typical type of book. Can't say I loved it but I do understand a little bit more about Afganistan and it's people. I wish their was no need for any war.
Rafel Gerszak spent a year enbedded with American troups. He saw and photographed the war.  Then later he went back to Afganistan on his own to see how the life was during war and what they were like.
This book was filled with pictures he took. Also had his journal and what was going on. plus facts about the people,politics.
He showed the struggle the people with injuries from war. Doctors treating people without the drugs and supplies we take for granted.  Showed how the women are and told more because its hard to get photographs of women.  Showed some changes, somethings stay the same.
Told how after a year enbedded than comming back to see the everyday life than going back with same American troups how much he had changed too.
I was given an ebook of this book so it was a little hard sometimes to see all I wanted to see. These photos moved me and make me appreciate the freedoms that I and my girls have. Hard to see the suffering but it's good that we know the cost of wars and freedoms.
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