Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review: Night Strangers by Chris Bohjlian

It is hard to rate a story thats is not a book I enjoyed. It is a horror story that is scary and doesn't help tonight was storming and raining hard. So if you like scary well told stories, this is your book.
Captain Chip Linton is a pilot is co-pilot was doing the take off and they hit flock of geese, both engines were destroyed. Captain took over and they could not make it back to airport and decided to land on lake. He knew it was risky and it had to get pitch right. But a ferry turned around to go help and the wave came at wrong time and plane broke in half. Captain got out and 8 others survived.
Chip was found not at fault but it was hard for him that he survived when so many did not 39 died.
His wife Emily was a lawyer and they had twin ten year old girls. Hailey was more out going. She was named after her grandmother. Garnet was named after her red hair she was born. She has seizures where she just turns off.
Chip is now afraid of flying. They decide to move to new England to a small town town. Emily works for a smaller firm. They ended up buying in a old house that had 4 levels. The basement has a mud floor except square of cement that water heater,furnace, washer & dryer. In one spot behind some coal is a door with 39 long bolts.  The top floor had two bedrooms,bathroom and walk in closet that the twins shared also blocked off was part of attic. Each hallway was in different widths with main floor the bigest and third floor the smallest. also had old barn and greenhouse. They found lots of weird stuff left behind like knife hidden in heater vent,axe and crowbar.
The town had lots of greenhouses or more than any other town around them. Most of the females had plant names. They also had shamans. People were fasinated by the twins.
Chip was dealing with lots of issues and was not the strong guy anymore. Emily was also going through depressions.
The story gets darker and darker and for the ending not one that I would choose. I doubt I will read more of his books if they are in the horror or thriller versions. Would rather have happier books personaly.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
10/04/2011 PUB Crown Publishers

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