Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review:Hard Magic by Laura Anne Gilman

5 stars
I really have liked this series. Love how all the characters interact. Their is still a lot we dont know about them. Slowly builds what you know what you want to know.
Bonnie has just graduated from collage. She is living in a hotel that her mentor is paying for her. Trying to find a job but no one hires her.  Her resume looks good and she gets lots of call backs but because she can not use technolgy she doesn't get hired.
Then one day she gets a message on her answering machine from a business she did not apply for a job, time of her interview and address. She is curious so goes and finds a group of people waiting to be interviewed for a job just like her at same time. after a half hour no one comes into the office they get curious and knock on inner door and look in and find a dead body.
They don't rush to call cops but infact go closer to the body making sure he is dead. They all look around and keep noticing facts asking questions and answering them. Then the dead body gets up and tells them they are all hired.
After they all recover they find out about P.U.P.I. A company that looks into things that talents are doing not for councel but for truth and holding people accountable for their actions. They are all talent. Which means they have magic gifts that they can use to help them find the facts of a case.
They all have different skills. Bonnie is great at remembering details of things she sees.
One is computer hacker that is a very rare skill most can't use technolgy because their power is current so destroys things. One can tell when most people lie.
Ian and Ben are the Top Dogs who started the company because they saw a need. They spend a lot of time teaching them how to use their currents in different ways to gather evidence and find the facts. Forensic magic its never been used that way.
Their are people that don't want the facts comming out about what they might do and try to destroy the company.
Their first case a daughter does not believe her parents committed suicide in a car that know one knows who owns it.
its a well arounded book. I like Laura Anne Gilman's books. I have in last 3 days read 3 of them and plan to read more in the future.

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