Friday, September 9, 2011

Review:All That Remains by Janice Kay Johnson

What a nightmare to be in labor and first trapped in car and getting out of the river finding a house thats empty. Lighting a fire in wood stove than waking up to water in house putting fire out. Finding a attic in dark and still having labor pains and being alone. Wren hangs a sheet out of the attic window. she got abunch of cloths and bedding and stuck what she could get in a hurry before to much more water got in the house.
Alec Harper is a police detective and has been rescueing people for a couple of days. and he is in a boat and decides to check the house and sees the sheet so he gets boat as close as he can. Wren yells that she is in labor and alone. Alec knows without someone to help her getting in her in boat would be to hard so puts anchor and puts water and emergency bars,first aid kit in the window. Then starts to climb up and the boat tears off with Wrens help he makes it to her.
Alec gets to deliver her baby and they talked for a few days. He catches rain in bottles  that was left up in the attic. No cell service. almost run out of emergency bars. Abby they rig diapers out of old clothes. keep her warm in between them in the quilts.
Wren has run away from Abby's father who is abusive and had isolated her from her friends, family.
So Alec is looking for him once they are rescued and keeps Wren at his house so she will be safe.
It is a good story and shows how abuse starts in phases. How hard it is when flooding occurs. People can lose everything some even their lives. It seems real that it could happen in real life. I will read more from Janice. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
10/04/2011 PUB Harlequin Superromance

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