Saturday, September 10, 2011

Review: A Texan Promise by Shelley Grey

I enjoyed reading a Texan Promise. It was romance, western, & Christian book all in one. It dealed with everyday problems that unfortunately happen all too often.
Clayton has been the forman on the circle Z ranch for the past 6 years.  He found Vanessa in the barn in a stall crying and upset. Finally he noticed the bruise on her face and her dress torn and three big Whip marks on her back. Her stepfather Price had whipped her and hit her because she did not want him in her room. He raped her and her brother stood out in the hall and did nothing.
Clayton told her he was getting her away from the ranch after he gave her first aid. Told her to gather food in his room, blanket and he would pack stuff for her out of her room.
Clayton came to the ranch after General Lee ended the war. 13 year old Vanessa started to follow him around then and told him all her troubles to. Soon after Clayton hired on her father made him foreman and when he was dying Clayton promised to look after them. A short time after her mom married Price and his true colors came out. He was drunk and spending all her mom's money but he let Clayton take care of ranch.  Miles came and asked Clayton where he was taking his sister and was told away.  That if he was a man at all he would hinder Price from following them.  He knew Price wanted her and wanted her money that her father left her in the bank.
They rode hard and a few different times they ran into men that Clayton served in the war with or helped in the past. Because he was always reading the bible and trying to live its teachings, those who he helped in the past were willing to help him.
One was now a preacher and married them so Vanessa would have some protection.  Clayton told Vanessa he hoped someday to have a real marriage together but he would give her time.
It had a lot of scriptures quoted. In the right places. It showed the struggle to do what he promised and their struggle to get to a safe place.
I would read more of Shelley's books in the future. Recommend the book.
10/01/2011 Abingdon Press

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