Sunday, September 4, 2011

Review: The Sherrif's Daughter by kay Stockham

I wish I had read her other books. You don't need to for the story, but it would be fun to read them now.
Zane boss the sheriff has gone a 2 week cruise and left Zane in charge. He also told them to keep his daughter out of trouble.
First night he is out patrolling when he sees a women walking alone on back road. Usually its either someone with broken down car or prostute. He realizes it's Carly right off. Carly does not want to tell him why she is out thier alone walking in high heels. Carly admits her date got out of hand and she took care of it, not to call her father. Carly is 27 years old.
Next night she is waiting for her date at the movie theater when Zane shows up. He arrested her date and he had drugs in his car bragging that they were ruining his date that night.
Carly is just becomming a foster parent and starts with a 8 month old. Her father doesn't want her to do it. Zane warns her. She wants to see if she will be a good mother since her mother abandoned her.
Zane was a foster kid and he has lots of issues still from childhood.
It's a good story about family. Children dealing with being a foster kid and parent. I would read more from Kay Stockham. I was given this ebook in exchange for a honest review.

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