Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review:The Wicked Day by Christopher Bunn

4 Stars
Now that I have read all 3 books of this series I have enjoyed it.  It was a little long,and slow in parts. In others I wanted more.  You have to read all 3 books to have the story finshed.
It's a tail about good versus evil. Light against Darkness.  Magic warriors, heroes.
Their is servants of Darkness that is creeping into the land. It only destroys never creates. Their are 4 guardians to stand against darkness. Earth,fire,water and wind.  The main character is Jute who becomes the wind but the power needs time for him to learn it and grow with it.
Levoreth is the earth guardian and animals are her friends.
Liss is water and she has compelled Knife to protect Jute and she will help through a pearl she gave the Knife.
Don't learn about fire till later on.
Severan is a scholar who helps Jute and protects him.
Their is a ghost who gets scared that Jute meets and follows him everywhere.
Their is a hawk that is teaching Jute he can also talk to anyone.
Their are lots of battles with one or two creature of darkness and then a major battle.
I am glad to have had the chance to read these books. I was given them in exchange for honest review.

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