Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review: The Hawk and the boy by Christopher Bunn

This is a 3 book series.  I was given all 3 books to review at one time.  I decided to review each as I read them 1 at a time.
The first book the Hawk and the Boy starts off strong and drew me into their world, but the story did not end. You have to read the next  book and if I would have had to wait I would not be happy. But since the next is just waiting for me to read I give the story 4 STARS.
I hate to wait to find out what happens next. Their is no smaller plot that finshed even in the first book. I would have rather had a big book than 3 seperate books.
Jute is a theif and works for the Juggler who works for the councel of theirs. Juggler is in charge of the children pickpockets,theifs. Jute is his best climber.
Jute climbs up to roof than goes down through the chimney and finds a box with a Hawk on it, but he must not open the box.  If he opens the box then Knife who is waiting on the roof will kill him. Jute does like he is told and finds the box and he opens it and the knife inside cuts him.  As jute climbs back up the chimney to Knife he hands over the box and says of course he did not open the box.
Knife than pricks him with a poison needle and he falls back into the chimney.
The house belonged to the wizard Nio who has spent 40 years to learn and find the box and knowledge about the four still points- anbeprun.  He has tried lots of ways and cant open the box.
The four points are water,earth,fire and wind are standing against the darkness. they are travelers with power that roam the land. They have animals the only one known is earth as horse.
Jute survives the poison and the fall. A voice in his head tells him to trust no one and don't let them know he opened the box.
Nio has Jute treated than questions him and he tells all the secrets except that he opened the box. the wizard creates a creature out of water and darkness that he uses as a weapon. Jute falls into the sewer river that runs out of the old building. Survives and learns the voice he hears is a hawk.
Severan rescues Jute and hides him in the old ruins. He discovered the wizards creature and tells Jute what Nio was looking for.
The water creature kills and tracks down about the box. Nio discovers that the boy must have opened the box to have survied the poison.
Their is a creature and someone who is killing whole households at a time no one left alive except a girl who is cant speak.
Their are a lot of characters and I suspect some are the different powers but need to read more. Have lot of unanswered questions.

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