Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review: Detective Daddy by Mallory Kane

thrilling suspense mystery. I read till 4 am.
Rachel is a criminolgest and DNA for the police department.  She did a blind DNA test that she was asked to do for DA and had no idea it was for her exboyfriends parents murder.
Ashton Kendall was a policeman who behind his back was called Ashnova.  When Ash was a kid his parents were murder on Christmas Eve.  Because of DNA the man he thought killed his parents is free.  Ash tries not to get attached  to anyone and dates women and breaks it off before he can fall for someone. He broke it off with Rachel when he found out how much he enjoyed and was breaking his rules with her,  Now he finds out by her fainting on him.
So who killed Ash's parents? His father shot and his mother strangled in their own beds. His little sister found them and all 4 children saw their parents dead before cops came.
It keeps you wanting to more and find out the answers. I was engrossed with the story.
 09/20/2011 PUB Harlequin  Intrique

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