Monday, September 12, 2011

Review:Win Win Proposition by Cat Shield

Sebastian Case is looking for his assistant Missy. She has been missing  for over 6 hrs. He has not seen her since they checked into hotel. Tommorrow meeting the first yearly convention since he was made president after his dad retired. He rely on Missy for a lot of things. He finds her in a bar but she has changed.
Missy told him that today was her 30th birthday and she quit. She wants a family and working for him at all the hours she won't find time.
Sebastian doesn't want her to quit. He finds out she was dumped yesterday for always being at his beck and call.  She took years of saving that was going to be for wedding dress and put it on red at roulett table and told her boss okay lands on black she won't quit lands on red she gets him for one night. Missy wins they celebrate all night.
Sebastian tries to keep her at company and says she already has a job offer so Sebastian wants to keep her since she won't be working for him.
Missy because of her past doesn't think she will fit in with his crowd. Sebastian because of games his ex-wife played has a hard time trusting again.
Its is a fun romance seeing them change and grow. I admit to skipping the sex scenes. I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.

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