Thursday, September 15, 2011

Review: Bite Me by Parker Blue

I liked it. It was a little different from other vampire books.
Valentine who goes by Val is part demon who feeds off of Lust. Val has never let her though so to keep her demon self Lola she hunts vampires.
val kills a vampire an all of a sudden her young sister is their. Jen had hid in the back seat of their father Rick's car.  Val yells at her sister than makes her help pick up the body and put in the trunk. After they get body in car before they leave a policeman asks what they are doing   and runs make on the car. Then asks to see whats in the trunk? Val does not know how to answer they can't take off he knows their address and names. Val asks,"What do you think is in the trunk?" and surprised answers she gets is vampire.
Turns out the city knows about them and has special department for handling them.  Finally she takes her sister home and mom's yells at her. Asks her to leave their home, leave job at family book store. Stay away from her sister. Val just turned 18 she hops on her motorcycle and goes to a park. Meets a dog who can talk to her a small fluffy dog who is part demon too. Fang is dogs name. I really like Fang.
Val eventually calls the cop she met and tells him that maybe she can help them. That she was 18 and kicked out of house. He calls her back in an hour and she goes to Police station. The other cops laugh at her so she takes the bigest one and fights him. Wins.
Her new boss knows what she is and makes Dan her new partner.
Their first assignment is to find out if this new group of vampires that was meeting and starting blood banks were on the level or dangerous. Mean while Jen is asking everyone she meets if they know Val and shows picture so they all know she is the one killing vampires. Then Jen is missing.
For a new series I do like it. The characters all have faults some good and bad. I hate the mother of val and Jen. Like the stepfather to Val. Lots of secondary characters that interact together. Lots of storylines I can see.
I was given this book in exchange for honest review. I also receieved the next two books in the series so I will read them next.
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