Thursday, September 15, 2011

Try Me by Parker Blue

Try Me is the second book in the series Demon Underground. It starts 3 days after the end of Bite Me. We learn a lot about their world and the different demons in it.
Val is still working with the special unit of the police dept. But now they all know she is part demon some accept her some don't.
Dan is having problems dealing with Lola.
Miacah tells Val that since the special book that told about the demons world was lost they don't know a lot about the different demons and their powers.
Val hears the name and told him that she has had the book since she was 5 and did not know it was the only copy. She never felt their power or even read it through it. So she takes them to Micah but that evening when the vampires and demons meet for a discussion about comming out the books are taken.
Their is a lot of tension between the vampires and demons and someone is poisoning the vampires.
Val is learning more about her powers and how to control Lola.  As she tries to find the book and keep peace between the vampires and demons.
This book was good and I read it straight through. I was given three books of this series and I have so far liked both and look forward to reading book 3 Fang Me.
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