Saturday, September 10, 2011

Review:#4 Under His Spell by Marie P. Croall

I'm new to manga and feel a little lost in the story for me. Could be because I started out with #4 and if I had read the others would not be lost.
Bethany Farmer is a high school soccor player. She is focused on school and soccor not boys.
Allen is the new student from a different world. He is Fae you do notice his ears right off. I don't know why he had feathers trailing him and how he started looking in Bethany window. He tries to talk to her at school and she tells him he is wasting his time. Her friend tells him that she likes soccor.  So he shows up at her practice and walks her most of the way home and then takes off.
Allen has 3 cousins who are trying to kill him so they can be King next. They are bigger than Allen and one is a tracker.
Bethany ends up helping Allen fight his cousins.
Its a fast read because their are a lot of simple drawings. This makes 2 I have read and I like more words in my stories. So not for me. I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.
10/01/2011 Lerner Publishing Group  Graphic Universe

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