Sunday, September 4, 2011

Review: Caleb's Bride by Wendy Warren

4 stars
For some reason I had put this book off for awhile. But I totaly enjoyed reading Caleb's Bride. I like that Gabby's family is close and they open their hearts to Caleb so easy  when he need them in his youth.
Gabby had taken over her grandfathers barber shop. She was now ready for a change. Gabby signed on to a cruise line to be a barber. For years Gabby has had a crush on Dean but he just got married. She realized that she need to change her life so she selling the barber shop and got new job.
Caleb's family were drunks and in fact he was the first to graduate from high school and go to college.
Caleb first went to Gabby's family farm when he was 12 and was invited over by her brothers to play. He  was so impressed with their mom. She made them a stack of sandwhiches for a snack and made them wash their hands. Caleb was lucky to have one meal let alone snacks. He was over to their house a lot during those years. That was where he learned that he wanted a family and what kind of one.
In high school he sat with Gabby and ate lunch with her and her friends. One 4th of july at park Gabby decided to tell Dean how she felt. But Dean home from college brought a girl to the park. Gabby was so upset she went off by herself and cried. Caleb went to her and was comforting and they made love and after Gabby avoided Caleb and would not talk to her.
Now Caleb was moving home and bringing his ten year old daughter.  He was still attracted to Gabby and her family too. Was surprised to learn that one night experience was all that Gabby had.
Caleb started courting Gabby and he knew she was moving in a few months time. Gabby was a big help with Caleb daughter.
It was a cute romantic story. I liked the characters. I just enjoyed reading it. I would read more books by Wendy. I was given  this ebook in exchange for honest review.
10/04/2011 pub Harlequin Special Edition

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