Sunday, September 4, 2011

review; The Rescue Pilot by Rachel Lee

Its been years since I have bought a new Rachel Lee but I still rember most of the characters. It was good to see a few old friends. I felt cold reading this book.
Chase has his own plane and business flys private business men around usually.
Chase just picked his plane up from being maintained they went over everything. So as he was going back he picked up  Billy Joe Yuma and Wendy after he took them home he was going to take Cait to Minnosata for experimental treatment for her cancer Rory her sister arranged.
All of a sudden they were loosing all their fuel too fast. Chase fought the plane and made a landing on mountain safely. They were in a major blizzard and everyone was safe.
Rory had only brought 4 days of Cait's medicine with her.  Cait when she found out that her cancer was back and worse kind, her husband left her and moved in with girl friend. Cait had given up and Rory just found out her sister was really sick she was working down in South America.
Yuma was a hellocopter pilot that did search & rescue and his wife Wendy was a nurse. In fact years after war he live with a bunch of G.I.s on this mountain when they could not cope with regular life.
The plane was in one piece so they had shelter and Chase had a lot of emergency stuff on his plane. lot of survivor blankets, plenty of candles,food and water.  So they were okay to hold out till after the blizzard except for Cait's health.
They all worked together to take care of Cait and each other.
Chase and Rory were attracted to each other. Seeing the good things. how caring for others, hard work.deteramined they were. They took turns together to watch over Cait and keep eye on candles that they did not use up all the air or tip over and cause a fire and they had to keep hot drinks for Cait.
I don't think I would be able to cope in plane crash as they all did.
Now I want to go find my other books from Rachel and reread them sometime.
I was given this book in exchange of honest review.

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