Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review:.Classified by Debra Webb

It's another Colby Detective story. Good as always but leaves lots of questions unanswered for future books.
Lucas is worried about Slade Keaton and wants to find out more about him. Especially after Victoria and him where almost kidnapped down in Mexico. Victoria wants to let the investigation of Slade go, but Lucas can't.  So he asks his goddaughter Casey to go undercover in Mexico and find out what she can.  Casey has been a field agent for CIA for two years and is on desk duty so she is willing to get answers for him.  She can not let Victoria find out that he is still investigating Slade.
Victoria owner of Colby Agency is going behind her husband's back to protect him.  She asks Jim if he can go to Mexico and find this lead who might know something about Slade. He can not let Lucas know she is still trying to find out if Slade is a dangerous to her husband. Jim has a background in art so he can ask questions in the artist village in Mexico.
Casey is trying to ask her contact but he says she has a tail until she looses him he won't answer any questions.  Casey is furious and she gets Jim to follow her so she can ask why he is following her and they both pull guns on each other than. Why they are fighting each other two people get the drop on them, knock Casey out she comes too tied up in back of truck with Jim also tied up.  Casey can manuver her arms and gets her arms in front and than can get her switch blade that strapped too her leg under her skirt and unties Jim. Jim unties her. They get the one guy passed out and running from second guy why he tries to shoot them they fall in shaft loose the knife,gun and flashlight/
They keep getting out of trouble and than back into again again and again. They trust each other but still won't tell each other who they work for.
Its full of drama and action.  Its a fun easy read great for relaxing into a story.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

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