Thursday, September 1, 2011

REVIEW:The Black Stiletto by Raymond Benson

I thought it sure a different way to hear about super hero. Martin Talbot mother's lawyer gave him a letter and lockbox and it he learned that his mom was the black stiletto. She was famous back in the 60's and he had no clue. In the box was blueprints of their house and it had a hidden room in basement.  Their house has been up for sale for two years.
Martin found the hidden room their house and in it was
 a bunch of journals two costumes, the knife,gun and other things. So Martin reads the journal and puts the rest in safe deposit box.
From Judy diary he learn about the changes in her body when she 12 better hearing, didn't need glasses anymore and could tell if someone was honest or tellings  lies. Tells how after her stepfather raped her she ran away to New York and her life . She learned boxing, karate and then how to use a knife. How after the murder of her friend she became the black stiletto.
It also contains chapters of Roberto and his getting out of jail and what revenge he is planning.
I like that Judy seamed like a real person with faults. Liked how she stopped crimes. Did not agree with revenge killings.
Still have more questions I want to know, so I hope their is  going to be more books about the Black stiletto. I will gladly read them kept me interested through the whole book.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

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