Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: Montana Sheriff by Marie Ferrarella

It's a sappy romance, feel good romance. It made me smile while reading.
I would of thought their would have been more arguments and disappointment to find out you have a grandson or son five years after the fact.
Cole is the Sheriff of his small town. Has always wanted to live in Montana and be a rancher. Wanted to marry his best friend Ronnie.
Ronnie wanted out of the small town.  She wanted to graduate from collage and see what she could be and experience.
She left Cole out by the lake after they argued and made up.  Cole thought that meant staying and was shocked that she left.
Ronnie did not know she was pregnant till after she left. She did not tell Cole because she wanted more than living on a ranch. Did not want to see herself grow bitter over regrets. Or see Cole with regret.
Ronnie's father & brother got into a bad wreck two weeks ago, in fact her brother is still in a coma.  She came home with her son Christopher to help out for a few weeks. Hoping she would not run into instead the day after she arrived.
I enjoyed the book. Fast light read of a good romance.
09/20/2011 PUB Harlequin Harlequin American Romance

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