Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart by Donna alward

Megan Briggs was away from the ranch for a year getting treatments for breast cancer. Now she is home and wants everybody to treat her normal but she has changed and people around her are aware of changes in what they feel for her.
Clay is best friends with Megan's brother and has the ranch next to theirs family ranch. Clay spoke harsh words to Megan about her running away last year. He came over to tell her sorry and see how she was doing.Clay has a hard time when dealing with cancer. He saw his dad die of lung cancer and his mom left them both when he got sick. His Aunt Stacy came and raised him.
Megan wants to help bring money to the ranch her idea is to build a indoor riding arena teach barrel racing and riding lessons. buy some more horses plus board up to 14 horses. The bank turned her down but Clay was willing to give or loan her the money.
Also Clay's Aunt Stacy is getting married she just got back with old boyfriend from high school. Clay asks Megan to be his date so all the women wont ask him to dance and he can have her back so people won't worry about her. But Clay realizes that that Megan is all grown up. She has had a crush on him for years and he had no idea.
It deals a lot with the breast cancer and how their are emotional and physcal parts even after the treatment is done.
I thought it dealt with the issues in a good way. That it is okay to be scared but to let people in to help too.
I liked the How a cowboy stole her heart and would read more of Donna's book in the future. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
09/20/2011PUB Harlequin Romance 192 pages

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