Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review: Heart of the desert by Carol Marinelli

Georgie had a troubled youth she ran away from home many times and they always sent her back. Her father was a drunk and emotionaly abused. So she could only change what she ate and had to get treatment for she got to thin and died.
Georgie went to Zaraq for her sister's wedding to a prince. She met Ibrahim who she thought was handsome they had a serious talk and they started to have an encounter but Georgie stopped. Harsh words were exchanged she did not tell him she was married and getting a divorce.
Ibrahim hates the desert because his brother died out there. His mother because of desert laws was exiled to England and could not even come back to bury her son or see grandchildren born. So Ibrahim stays mostly away from Zaraq. There is no divorce in Zaraq.
Ibrahim as a Prince is supposed to marry a virgin.
Georgie is proud of her past because she learned from her mistakes and grew from them.
Everyone told Ibrahim to stay away from Georgie but he could not. Her sister tried to keep Georgie away from Ibrahim. They knew they could not be together in Zaraq.
I liked the story but felt a little lost in a few places. I would read another book from Carol. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

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