Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review: The Invisible Order book two The fire King paul crilly

This is book 2 and it does stand alone. I wish I had read the first book. They do talk about things that had happened in it. But I followed everything alright. I read the Fire King and could not put it down till I finshed reading it. I liked it and good see the the great fire of London in fact I went and looked it up on the internet.
Emily wakes up alone in a tanning shed in 1666 and wonders where William is her little brother 9 years old. Jack and Corrigan are. She remembers escaping through the fairy gate and landing back in time. Emily realized that she fell asleep and everyone had left.
Jack is an older boy who is a pick pocket and he went with them and helped them in this book and the first one.
Corrigan is a fey pixie a short old man who is dishonest but has helped them in the past and really likes William they can and do get into trouble.
With the disappearance of their parents Emily has taken the roll as the adult and William resents all her orders and wants to prove that he can plan and be brave too.
They know that in 1966 sometime their was a great fire that burned a lot of London. That same time a war broke out between two groups of fae and fae & humans too. Emily thinks if she can find out whats happening maybe they can stop the fire and wars.
Jack comes back with some food but he doesn't know where the other two are but he is going to look for them. When they are all back together Katerina turns up and a gang of street kids that can see the fay are wanting to kill them because of the fay with them. Before that can happen a bunch of bad fey come and try and take them all Emily knows that they can't kill the hounds with iron like most fey and warns them.
Katerina shows them her part of London and their leader Puck who is teaching them to fight fey. Puck is supporting their Fairy Queen and doing what she cant do right now fight the opposition who want to be rid of humans.
Emily thinks if they can find Merlin he can save London at the same time William thinks they should find the raven king and he can save London but Emily won't listen to him so he sneaks off to find him but Corrigan catches him and figures that William will need his help more than Emily. Spying on them is Katerina and since she does not trust the fey she follows them and they don't have a clue till she lets them know.
It is an adventure ride well done. I would read more from Paul in fact I want to go read the first book sometime. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
09/27/2011 PUB EGMONT USA

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