Monday, September 5, 2011

Review:The Mighty Quinns:Riley by Kate Hoffmann

I had fun watching  Nan & Riley fall in love in 10 days. Nan came over from Wisconsin to Ireland to find Carey who had for years wrote letters back and forth to her mom. Nan's mom died when she was 8 and was sick two years before that. Her father died last year.
So Nan thought she could learn about her mom through Carey. Nan is a librarian at University.
Riley runs the family bar in summer while his parents travel. Riley is also a songwriter and singer with his own band.
Nan found out why she had so unusual name Tiernan. She did find a picture of her mom in Riley's pub.  Ireland does sound fun to visit.  Nan learns and grows a lot and thinks it will be so hard to leave Ireland.
Even though it has a lot of the same things in them that a lot of books set in Ireland do family pub. family of artists of one kind or another, cemetary and sheep ect. It still was a good fast romance and a lot of making love scenes.
I look forward to reading about Riley's brothers. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

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