Friday, July 22, 2011

Review: Twilight Fulfilled by Maggie Shayne

I really enjoy Maggie Shayne series twilight. I think I have read all of them. The last two are of Children of Twilight. The only child to be born of vampire was Amber lee and she had twins J.W. (James) and Brigit. Who were born with special powers. J.w. right after birth healed Brigit who was born not breathing. Brigit has power to destroy shoots a lazer from her eyes. She is known as the bad twin.
James had raised up from ashes the imortale Utana who was trapped for 5000 years, thinking he was the one to save the vampires from being wiped out. Utana actually thought he was supposed to kill all of his children the vampire because he was not supposed to share his power.
Utana stole James power to heal. He also killed many vampires. At same time it was made known about the vampire race and a lot of vampires houses and some humans were burned and died.
Brigit knew that her power was the only one that could stop Utana and she battled him till they both could not fight any more that night. Utana was wounded but stole her power. Brigit was drawn to know more about Utana and was attracted to him.
Nashmum was head of the goverment agency that has been for years killing and torchering the vampires and expermenting on them which is how Amber Lee was born. He was tricking Utana and wanted to help him kill all the vampires and the chosen people his agency had rounded up to trap the vampires.
The only problem that I had with the story is Utana was supposed to be the flood survior who took his family and animals on a boat. I was a little touchy about that.Decided to not think he was Noah just someone made up from that time frame.
I enjoyed the story and wonder if Maggie has finshed this series or where would it take them next book.
I was given the ebook in exchange of honest review.
Its release sept. 29, 2011 from Mira Books

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