Monday, July 25, 2011

IRRESISTIBLE by Stephanue Bond

4 stars
 throughly enjoyed reading Irresistible by Stephanie Bond. I laughed and did not put the book down. Its a romantic comedy.
It starts off with Ellie having a bad day. She is let go of her job. goes out to lunch think the cute guy behind the counter likes her perfume she made and is told everytime she comes in gives him a migraine. than why she is sitting at table reading what jobs are listed, she is bumped coffee all over brand new white skirt and paper. she gets mad and takes his cell phone and says goodbye to his call and gets him too pay for skirt and coffee. Then Ellie calls about a job offer for clinical study answers embrassing question about last time she had sex down month, day,hours ago and finds out the intercom was on so everyone she had worked with knows too.
Ellie gets  a commision to paint picture of the new partner at law office and its the guy who spilled the coffee on her.
Mark and Ellie are opposites and they keep getting thrown together because of  errors. So Mark's family all the women at reunion ate her , guys like her so do the children.
I really enjoy and feel happy when I was done with the book. I was given this email in exchange for honest review.
06/11/2011 pub Harlequin 266 KB

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