Thursday, July 21, 2011

WOW FOUND new place to get ebooks to review

In the past I won a book from librarything that came with a link to net galley to get the ebook I won for review.  well yesterday I finally thought I would sign up and see if I got any that I wanted. So I signed up for 23 books that looked good to me. 
Well few hours later I got a no because I did not show links to blog or other places showing that I review books.  Like librarything, amazon,goodreads ect. so I did as suggested.  Well thought it would be more like librarything ask for many get a few. So far in one day 17.
Plus I won 2 today from librarything.
and the blog that giving 3 ebooks a day. 8 so far.
I have plenty of books to read! Yeah love books

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