Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bride for a night by Rosemary Rogers

I thourghly enjoyed this book.
Talia's father Silas Dobson's a selfmade rich man who wants to be someone in high society. Silas has spent a lot of money on his daughter to make a marriage but the ton does not accept her or her father.
Harry is a gambler and heavy in debt the second son and Silas makes him an offer to marry his daughter and  he will give him enough money for a house and small allowance for his daughter.
Harry is a no show at his fancy wedding, he took the money and disappeared. Silas blackmails his older brother Lord Ashcombe to marry her. Gabriel marrys her in a quiet ceremony than after one night sends her to one of his homes in the country.
Talia blossoms away from her overbearing father and husband. She cares about his servants and tenets. Tries to make life better for them. The vicar jack cares for her too and when she over hears about treason. Jack kidnapps her to france before she can tell anyone.
The servants and tenets all look for her because they care and her husband back in London finds out she has been kidnapped and goes to rescue her.
Thier is a lot of rescuing each other and by others kidnapping plots and more treason. It is a good story.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
Pub 09/27/2011 Harlequin

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