Friday, July 1, 2011

Tale of Asha volume 2 by Joseph Robert Lewis

4 stars
In this second book Asha the herbalist and Priya the blind nun are still traveling around by walking on thier world of Earth.
there are 3 short stories in this volume. The first one they come upon a rundown house with 6 people living in a circle veryily alive. Durning the night a fruit plops from the holes in roof into a bowl and they awake long enough to eat the fruit than become unconsious again. Asha trys to get them to stop the eating the fruit and they tell her if they stop they get better and than die a year later.
the second story they come upon a village that has a young boy that sits under a tree in peace and still and many people come to see him and leave peacefully they thing he is Lord Buddha come alive for he doesnt eat at all and doesnt seem to alive. They go and see him and even try to get some people to help lift him so she can see if she can help. but they cant move him at all.
the third story they are asked to go to a palace and try and heal the princess. She hardly moves at all. Asha after looking hard finds out what her problem is.
at the end of this story tells why Asha hates doctors and refuses to be called one.
It is a good book and very different earth he has created. I enjoy his work. I was given the ebook in exchange for a review.

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